Palmerston North Candidates


Candidates for the Palmerston North mayoralty, one of the 15 at-large seats on the Palmerston North City Council, and Horizons candidates were sent a link to a short questionnaire to complete online, and were given a deadline to do so.  The responses have been used to give the thumb ratings.  A question mark indicates that they did not answer that question.  You can click on the photo of a candidate to view his or her introductory information, taken from

Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) - Mayor and fifteen councillors

The Single Transferable Voting (STV) system will be used for the election of one mayor and fifteen councillors.  The wards used since 1989 have been abolished, and now all council candidates are competing for one of fifteen "at large" positions.

Under STV, voters rank the candidates according to preference, instead of ticking the names of their preferred candidates as has been done in previous elections.

Begin by writing a "1" next to your most preferred candidate, "2" next to your most preferred candidate, and so on.  You can rank as many or as few candidates as you wish.

Horizons Regional Council - four councillors

The First Past The Post (FPP) system will be used to elect four candidates for the Palmerston North constituency of the Horizons Regional Council.

Under FPP, voters tick the candidates they want to be elected.  Voters can tick up to four candidates, but may tick fewer.

Collaboration with Environmental Network Manawatu, Forest and Bird Manawatu, PNCET

Our local Palmerston North group also collaborated with Environmental Network Manawatu (ENM) and a number of other groups including Forest and Bird Manawatu and Palmerston North City Environmental Trust on a survey of issues of importance the environment.  This was also sent to Palmerston North City Council and Horizons Regional Council candidates earlier this year.

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